Privacy - PGP Messenger

OpenPGP, iOS, Swift

Easy to use iPhone application to encrypt messages with OpenPGP standard.


Swift, iOS, OSX, GitHub

Swift native implementation of crypto related helpers for Swift implemented in Swift. #PureSwift


Objective-C, OpenPGP, GitHub, iOS, OSX

Native implementation of OpenPGP protocol with Objective-C for iOS and OS X


Real world postcards from anywhere you are. wysyła kartki pocztowe. Prawdziwe kartki pocztowe ze zdjęciem z Twojego telefonu i z Twoją osobistą wiadomością. Projekt został zakwalifikowany do finału konkursu Z przyczyn organizacyjnych na liście finalistów pojawia się nazwa ;)

Food On Route

Objective-C, iPhone, HackWAW

Winner of the first Hackwaw 2012. iOS project "Food on Route" which helps hungry drivers to find the best place to eat. They don't even have to stop driving because application will tell them about places along the road and read their description. MVP of this project has been created in 24h on Hackwaw from scratch.

SMS Gateway

Communication, Objective-C, iPhone

The application was made with a view of iPod Touch and iPhone users. It allows you to send SMS directly from your iPod/iPhone to a mobile phone. Application connects with an internet SMS gateway and sends the message through it. The program co-operates with SMS gateways access to which is given by all of the mobile network operators in Poland (Orange, Era, Plus, Play).


Communication, JavaScript & Objective-C

HakoreSMS is a widget used for sending SMS text messages. It cooperates with public gateways available from websites of leading telecommunication operators in Poland (Plus, Orange, Era, Play).

GNU Gadu

Communication, C

"Instant Messenger" program created to work with protocols popular in Poland. Program is based on extensible plug-in idea, so even graphical user interface (written in GTK+) is a plugin. Support Gadu-Gadu, and Jabber (XMPP) protocols.


Entertainment, Java 2 Platform Micro Edition

J2ME implementation of the well-known Tetris game. It works on every Java (J2ME) compatible mobile phone and PDA. It's already more than 20 000 published highscore.


Communication,Perl & C

This Perl module let you to work with Gadu-Gadu protocol.


JPEG MetaData Utility, Perl

Perl module which can read additional informations set by Adobe Photoshop to jpeg files (JFIF/JPEG,8BIM)


Web, Perl

This Perl module can be used anywhere you need sessions not only for CGI scripts. As a session management module, it uses files with a configurable lifetime to handle your session data. For those of you who are familiar with PHP, you will notice that API is similar.


Communication, Java

Java Web chat system that has a server-side moderated mode. Client (Java Applet) and server are included. It use its own protocol, so it is not possible to connect using other clients (like IRC).